From coffee machine rentals and coffee products to non-standard coffee machines, King Coffee Service offers a wide range of coffee solutions for your business growth.

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Experience since 2007

you will get the most professional industry recommendations and coffee equipment solutions for the growth of your business

Active service support 7 days a week

so that the coffee machines always work perfectly or solve the technical problem as quickly and conveniently as possible for you

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from coffee beans, mugs, syrups to coffee machines and quality visits, allowing you to work more efficiently and focus on the most important

Wide range of quality equipment

Wide range of quality equipment

Coffee machine rental - the best choice for your business !!!!

  • Coffee machine rental is the most convenient and the most advantageous solution not only for the daily work of companies, but also for organizing events and starting or developing a business - cafes and hospitality services.
  • By renting coffee machines directly from King Coffee Service, you have the opportunity to receive the highest quality coffee machines and their service.
  • We offer a rental machine service 7 days a week, which provides the fastest possible support for the maintenance and repair of coffee machines.
  • King Coffee Service coffee machine rental also provides coffee quality control so that the operation of coffee machines and prepared coffee provide the best experience for you and your company's employees, as well as your customers.
  • In addition, we also offer various types of products needed to make coffee drinks: freshly roasted coffee beans, coffee machine cleaners, syrups, teas, coffee mugs, breweries and other coffee making accessories.
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Individual coffee machine rental kits and pricing solutions

King Coffee Service coffee machine rental, the service offered and the prices are the most suitable choice if you need to equip an office, cafe, shop, hotel, or retail chain with the highest quality and performance commercial coffee machines. Customers are our main focus, so we choose an individual approach to each of our partners. Our individual coffee machine and coffee grinder assembly solutions will facilitate the daily work of your company.

King Coffee Service coffee machine rental offers a wide range of coffee machines - traditional espresso machines, super-automatic machines, coffee grinders, filter coffee machines - from the world's leading manufacturers: LaMarzocco, Mahlkonig, Victoria Arduino, Bunn, Eversys, Jura, Rex-Royal, Aequator, Schaerer and other brands. Free consultation of our coffee experts will also help you choose the most suitable rental coffee machines and equipment for your company. Want to know more about coffee equipment rental and prices? Contact us today!


Frequently asked questions

What brands of coffee machines does King Coffee Service offer for rent?
King Coffee Service offers brands of the world's leading manufacturers of coffee machines: Eversys, La Marzocco, Rex-Royal, Jura, Bunn, Aequator, Schaerer, Iberital.
What coffee machines are offered for rent?
For rental is offered both traditional espresso coffee machines and automatic equipment for various coffee beverages.
How to rent a coffee machine from King Coffee Service?
You can rent a coffee machine and other coffee equipment by contacting us and requesting a consultation. During the free consultation, King Coffee Service specialists will find out your needs and find the most suitable coffee equipment solution just for you, as well as answer all your questions.
What is the minimum rental period for a coffee machine?
King Coffee Service offers each customer individual coffee equipment assembly and lease agreement conditions.
Who is suitable for coffee machine rental?
Commercial coffee machine rental is suitable for both companies that provide coffee retail and companies that want to provide the highest quality coffee to their employees and customers. Coffee equipment rental is most often chosen by companies for offices, co-working spaces, restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, and petrol stations.
What is the rental price of coffee machines?
The rental price is determined by the choice of coffee equipment and its configuration. If you want to know the rental costs of specific coffee machines, please contact us!