To ensure superior quality in our coffee and service, we choose only the world’s leading suppliers– LaMarzocco, Mahlkonig, Victoria Arduino, Bunn, Eversys, Rex-Royal, Hoshizaki, Hobart, and others.

Bunn G9WD.png


Grinder delivers precision portions quickly. Weight driven technology provides unparalleled accuracy to ensure coffee throw weight consistency.

  • Weight driven technology delivers unparalleled accuracy in portion controlled coffee grinding, with three programmable batch sizes;
  • The G9WD can also function as a time-based grinder should need arise;
  • Precision grinding burrs consistently deliver the specified quality grind, and have a four year warranty;
  • During grinding, the coffee type and selected batch size is communicated to the Smart Funnel;
  • LCD alphanumeric display shows status, programming parameters and diagnostics;
  • Easy-to-use front-loading bean hoppers allow quick access for bean replenishment and cleaning;
  • PROP 65 Warning Decal included in packaging with equipment;
  • A BrewWISE brewer will read the information in the Smart Funnel, adjust the brew batch size accordingly, and brew the ideal batch of coffee;
  • Works with all types of brewers (both BrewWise and non-BrewWISE), from 12 cup brewers to satellite/systems brewers.

757 mm


206 mm


483 mm