Superior quality and delicious coffee is our calling card. We roast our own coffee so that it is always fresh and meets our clients’ specifications. We work exclusively with the world’s finest coffee brands. And, of course, tea, sugar, cups, syrup, and other ingredients that complete our services.

Coffee accessories


Cleaning products

A clean coffee machine means lower service costs and, most importantly, a clean coffee taste. Our range has everything you need to keep your equipment as good as new at the end of the day.

Barista accessories

Our range of barista accessories includes all the tools to equip employees for excellent coffee - milk jugs, thermometers, tampers, scales and other essential accessories that are integral to Barista's everyday tools.

Sugars, sticks and other supplies

If life needs extra sweetness, our choice of sugar will make it especially sweet. We have packed both brown and white sugar in 4 gram packs for the convenience of you and your guests.