Superior quality and delicious coffee is our calling card. We roast our own coffee so that it is always fresh and meets our clients’ specifications. We work exclusively with the world’s finest coffee brands. And, of course, tea, sugar, cups, syrup, and other ingredients that complete our services.

Greensip Matcha tea

Matcha Latte Greensip.png


It has a relatively strong bitterness and is perfectly suited for the needs of the coffee industry. This Matcha adds extra flavor and strength, making it more suitable for balancing the creaminess of milk or milk alternatives.

Usage: 1-2 portions per day.

Ceremonal grade Matchagreensip.psd

ORGANIC MATCHA Cermonial grade

Matcha Ceremonial is of the highest quality. We recommend using and enjoying only with hot water.

Pour 75-80ºC water on the Matcha powder. Make a paste with a bamboo whisk and again pour more water on top and mix well.