Superior quality and delicious coffee is our calling card. We roast our own coffee so that it is always fresh and meets our clients’ specifications. We work exclusively with the world’s finest coffee brands. And, of course, tea, sugar, cups, syrup, and other ingredients that complete our services.

Hot drinks- Fonte

yCharcola_Latte_Fonte-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Charcoal Latte drink mix, 300g

Charcoal Latte has many beneficial effects on our health, as charcoal effectively liberates the body of toxins and absorbs unwanted chemicals, which reduces allergies and diseases. Charcoal supports our body while detoxifying and has a great anti-aging effect on the skin.
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Butterfly Pea Latte drink mix, 300g

The flavonoids in Butterfly Pea form an unusual color in the mixture and due to them, the mixture is saturated with antioxidants. Blue flowers have a positive effect on health and beauty, including reducing stress and stimulating the brain.
Guarana_cacao_latte-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Guarana Cacao Latte drink mix, 250g

Guarana has always been known for its energizing properties, which can reduce fatigue and improve focus. Fonte combines Guarana and Cacao Powder to create the perfect healthy hot chocolate with a great and rich taste! The perfect drink to boost your energy in the morning or before a workout!
Green-Matcha-Latte_1400x-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Green Matcha Latte drink mix, 300g

Matcha is a good antioxidant. Great for detoxification or body cleansing. Improves the physical condition of the body, increases the ability to concentrate and the immune system. Its energy-boosting properties make green matcha latte a great and healthy alternative to your morning coffee.
Beetroot_Cacao_Latte-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Beetroot Cacao Latte drink mix, 300g

Beets are a very valuable source of vitamins and minerals: they have a cleansing effect and are a good way to lower blood pressure. Both beets and cocoa promote the production of endorphins or "happiness hormones".
Golden_Tumeric_Latte-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Golden Turmeric Latte drink mix, 250g

Turmeric has many properties that have a beneficial effect on health: a powerful antioxidant with sedative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. Because of its healing effects, it has long been used in India - in Ayurvedic medicine.
Fonte_Dark_HotChocolate-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Dark Hot Chocolate drink mix, 2kg

Fonte dark hot chocolate is characterized not only by the extremely high cocoa content of 45%, but also by the combination of rich cocoa and good conscience, it gives a special experience to anyone who wants to pay attention to enjoying sustainability.
Mexican_Spiced_Chocolate-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate drink mix, 2kg

The high, 35% cocoa content and fine powdery consistency and the spicy taste of Mexico in hot chocolate will not leave disappointed chocolate lovers!
Spiced_Chai-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Chai Latte Spiced hot drink mix, 2kg

Spicy Chai - a blend of black tea, ginger, cinnamon and other spices can enchant all the senses!
Vannila_Chai-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Chai Latte Vanilla hot drink mix, 2kg

A creamy blend of vanilla, ginger, and spices- Vanilla Chai is like a heartfelt, sweet embrace of the soul. Perfect at any time of the day.
Coconut_Cream_Frappe-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Coconut Cream Frappe drink mix, 2kg

Produced by its natural ingredients, the Coconut Cream Frappe tastes particularly natural. It has lower fat content than comparable Frappes and contains no unhealthy hydrogenated fats.
Cookies___Cream_Frappe-removebg-preview copy.png

Fonte, Cookies & Cream Frappe drink mix, 2kg

Full-bodied enjoyment on hot days through real vegan cookie bits and through West African cocoa, our Fonte Cookie Cream Frappe is a real treat.